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Washing Garbage

Posted by RFL 
Washing Garbage
July 08, 2018 06:45AM
Most of my trash is recyclable: paper, cardboard, glass jars/bottles, cans, #1 plastic (PETE), #2 plastic (HDPE). Since the recycling collection is every two weeks, the recyclables should be kept reasonably clean; especially during the summer. I have done this for years, but it continually feels very weird and ironic to rinse out and then, sometimes, actually wash garbage, just to keep away the swarms of flies. The recycling buckets provided by the township municipality do not come with lids.

Before recycling, food waste and shredded newspaper was composted (we had a small garden), large jars were kept for science projects or for small parts storage, and trash collection was twice a week during the summer (mid May through mid September). Of course, the trash cans had to be washed out after every pick-up and I do not miss the flies at all.
Re: Washing Garbage
July 09, 2018 10:38AM
Thankfully the recycle can we have (which is "free" with the trash service we pay for) has a lid. I still rinse everything out though. It is a pain.


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