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The Golden Ratio

Posted by jasonstone20 
The Golden Ratio
July 21, 2018 07:12PM

"I am still discussing issues of steels and performance at this stage."
--Cliff Stamp

"Cause geometry cuts, .....steel determines the level and the duration"
--Roman Landes

"But in general, I'm all about high performance, Ergos, safety. That's why I've been accused of 'designing in the dark' "
--Sal Glesser
Re: The Golden Ratio
July 21, 2018 08:54PM


Bill22252 on YouTube. "See you space cowboy"

Resident Emerson Fanboi

Folding knives are fun, fixed blades are important.
Re: The Golden Ratio
July 22, 2018 12:03AM

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