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How thin can you really go?

Posted by KWB 
Re: How thin can you really go?
August 20, 2016 07:21AM
Joe Calton
i think you can go a lot thinner than you think you can. I ran into this question a couple years ago, and what I found works best for me is to take 3 measurements of each knife. at the shoulder of the edge {this can vary a lot due to the angle that you sharpen, but in my mind makes more sense than what you ground the edge to prior to sharpening}, the spine of course. and then the measurement I added in the middle an don't see very many makers listing, and that is 1/4" back from the very edge. the anvil on my micrometer is 1/4" diameter, and so its a very easy measurement to take, but tells you a lot about the grind. and I really wonder if it is the most important measurement. and it doesn't really matter what the grind is, 1/4" back is 1/4" back. and I believe it tells the customer a lot about what they can expect out of the knife.

I like to tell folks that the shoulder of edge measurement will tell you how easily the blade will get into the work, the 1/4" behind the edge will tell you how easy the blade will pass through the work, and the spine will give you an indication of how strong the knife will be. there is more to it of course, but that is my simplest explaination. now I would think that each steel type that you work with plus your heat treat will be huge factors, but I know that by keeping track of those 3 measurements, I have learned each of my steels a lot more.

If I may pick your brain a touch. How fine do you grind your edge? Feels sharp or cuts copy paper or .... i plan to get grind started with 60 grit then 100 and finish with 220.
I have 5 in work at the moment and i plan to grind one flat from spine to edge, will probably end up about 3 to 5 degrees per side, hard to measure when angle is that small. will post some pix later today.

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