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Is this a Hamon? If not then what?

Posted by fugglesby 
Is this a Hamon? If not then what?
October 17, 2017 12:30AM
Hey guys!
I've been teaching the guys in Nepal some new techniques and I've had them experimenting with different Patinas and acid treatments.
This blade here was dunked into boiling vinegar, taken out and had the scale rubbed off then dunked again. A nice even darkness all over, except along the edge where it's significantly darker.

Now my initial thought was cool, we edge quench our blades and this has brought out the hamon. It's the same shape on both sides but doesn't quite make sense. For starters it's a fair bit lower than I imagined the hamon line would have been. More importantly it's darker than the steel above, not lighter as you'd usually see. Steel is 5160, oil quenched and tempered. Could this potentially be an artifact from the etching process? Some area which was more greatly affected due to the edge acting as a nucleation point for bubbles or something? Or has this steel somehow lost chromium or through some other method lost corrosion resistance along the blade edge?
Any input or discussion welcome. I'm pretty lost on this one.
Re: Is this a Hamon? If not then what?
October 17, 2017 08:49AM
Ref :


It short, it is likely a hamon, dark due to the etch vs traditional polished which reverses the light/dark contrast.
Re: Is this a Hamon? If not then what?
November 01, 2017 06:01PM
Thanks a heap cliff! Lots of great info in that thread and things for us to experiment with.
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