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New old steel 26C3

Posted by oldsailorsknives 
New old steel 26C3
May 10, 2019 04:20PM
Alpha Knife Supply has started selling a new steel, 26C3. It is not stainless. It is not powder metallurgy. It won't be known for extreme toughness. It won't be known for extreme wear resistance. It will be known, if properly ground and heat treated, for extreme edge stability. The steel recipe is very similar to infamous Hitachi White:
C: 1.25%
Cr: 0.3
Mn: 0.38
That is it. First batch went on sale today at noon, sold out by 5PM. As quenched hardness Rc67-68. Will be interesting to see how it works.

Re: New old steel 26C3
May 11, 2019 06:31AM
That looks like a nice steel to use.

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