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McCullen Utility Fighter

Posted by Bugout Bill 
McCullen Utility Fighter
September 06, 2015 06:38AM
The original thread:


Overall Impression

After a couple months of carry, I think that I can come to some concrete conclusions about the performance of this knife. While the design is decidedly tactical, Jeremy did an excellent job of ensuring that this remained a function knife. Due to the length of the handle and attention to ergonomics, the utility fighter can be comfortably used in a variety of grips, while the acute grind means that it's raw cutting performance can prevent you from having to use heavy force to achieve a task.


When cutting up a sofa, the thin grind and acute tip allowed for precise cuts to be made with minimal force, reducing the risk of applying heavy lateral force or hitting metal and ruining the edge. When used for mud cutting, the high edge stability and easy grindability of 14C28N meant that the blade could be quickly sharpened to a shaving sharp edge in a few minutes, without having to be overly concerned about burr formation.

For the most part, this is my preferred fixed blade if I am not anticipating any heavy work over the coarse of the day. It carries nice, looks mean, and can prepare a nice ploughman's lunch:


Commentary on the Maker

Jeremy McCullen's customer service is deserving of high praise. He shows great concern for customer satisfaction with the product and delivering a product made to specifications. Jeremy delivered timely updates on production, both through email and social media posts, so you never felt in the dark about where your money was going. When damage occurred to the knife due to what was effectively negligence, Jeremy offered solid warranty service on the knife.

There are drawbacks to this approach as knifemaker should you get a bad customer, but if both parties remain clear throughout the entire process, the relationship between maker and customer can be quite productive. The only thing that I would suggest Jeremy do in the future is ensure that the customer is fully aware of what he is ordering. The damage that occurred was primarily due to the fact that I liked the numbers that I specified in the design and wasn't really aware of how that translated into the real world. Jeremy does fairly extensive testing, however, so it could be argued that responsibility falls on the customer to research.


For as weird and weaboo as this knife is, Jeremy did a good job of ensuring that it is still a functional tool first and foremost. I have many knives, but this one usually finds it's way onto my belt at least once a week.


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Re: McCullen Utility Fighter
September 06, 2015 01:26PM
Nice write-up! I really like this knife!
Re: McCullen Utility Fighter
September 06, 2015 01:43PM

Thanks for the advice about advising potential customers about what they will really be getting in regards to design. When someone orders a custom knife with very specific design requirements such as grind thickness it is difficult to know exactly what the customers realistic expectations are and their experience with the specific design request.
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