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ESEE Zabcudo AUS 8 Satin FInish Black Scale

Posted by jasonstone20 
ESEE Zabcudo AUS 8 Satin FInish Black Scale
January 18, 2017 11:31AM
This knife was purchased at the same time from the same person as part of a group of knives he was selling on Facebook. The other knife I bought from the group was my Green Scaled Combo Blade Spyderco Tenacious. When I got them, the ESEE Zancudo's blade was rubbing on the scale side, and it was way off center. I didn't carry it because the action was so stiff if you made it were the blade wouldn't rub. A few weeks ago, I figured out how to center the blade and still have the action fast and easy, without hurting your thumb: [www.cliffstamp.com] . Here are some photos of the knife along with a Streamlight Nano:
Scale Side:
Lock Side:

I absolutely hate stainless clips/shiny metal clips, so I heat colored the clip and also the lock scale some. The knife comes right hand carry only, tip up or tip down. There is a lanyard hole, the one thing that I think would make the Benchmade 940 Osborne a Perfect Knife!! Blade steel is AUS 8, some of the best steel I have sharpened. This was the knife I was able to first get a head hair whitting edge on a Blue DMT #325 Diamond Plate sharpener. It takes a high girt edge great too, and you can get it to pass a HHT3 (cut the hair in half) with just using a Spyderco UF Triangle rod, no stropping needed. The handle is very well rounded, with all the usually sharp edges melted. There is a large indent on the handle, near the pivot, that helps with indexing and grip security, and makes it very comfortable and balanced in hand. Scale material is nylon that has been textured to feel like G10 knife scales. The weight is 3.1 oz, and if feels stout in hand. It is very thin, at 8.5mm / 5/16" thick. It has a full flat grind spear point blade, and is 2.2mm thick, and is ~0.022" behind the edge, with a bevel height of ~0.043". The bevel angle is ~17*-18* DPS or ~34*36* Inclusive, which is about as big of an ange you can go and still slice with a polished bevel. Blade length is 3" (~7cm), handle 3 3/4" (~10cm) with the overall legnth at about 7"/177mm. It has a frame lock, which is strong and stiff, and it is tucked away under the scale side, like the Benchmade AFCK or Gail Bradley does with a liner lock, so closing it has to be a very deliberate action. Speaking of action, it has a very strong detent, and the blade fires out of the handle when the ambi-thumbstuds (the scale side thumbstud is larger in height than the lock side thumbstud, which is about 2/3s the height) are used. When I got the knife, one of the nylon washers was sticking out of the pivot. Upon disassembly, the nylon washer disintegrated in my hand to mush, so I think so kind of strong acid, base or solvent hit it. I contacted the company, Blue Ridge Knives, and they offered to send me a new knife, when I asked if they could send me a replacement washer. For now, I just used three layers of teflon tape to substitute, for the nylon washer, because three layers is the same thickness of the other nylon washer. Upon disassembly of the knife, it had one pivot screw (T10) and six (T6) frame screws, three on each side, screwed into three standoffs. The stop pin was a stepped pin, that is fitted well. There were two pairs of washers, one nylon and one phosphor bronze, on each side. The nylon scale isn't glued to the scale side liner, which is set into the scale. Because the scale can catch near the blade and flex, I decided to glue (office glue stick used) the nylon scale to the steel liner, which is not skeletonized, like the lock side steel scale. The pocket clip is perfect for holding onto clothing and removal/insertion is perfect, and you can do it with one hand. It amazes me how much this knife got perfect, and it shows how much a good design, if executed well, doesn't need to cost hundreds of dollars or have bearings, titanium, and a flipper. The knife is also offered in different scale colors, you can get a black blade coating, and also in D2 steel. This is a great EDC knife, you completely forget you have it on you, it is light, thin, with a secure clip and it opens one handed fast. What more could you want?

"Gotta love living in 2019 baby, (63rc too soft on a production knife)"
--Shawn Houston

"I am still discussing issues of steels and performance at this stage."
--Cliff Stamp

"Cause geometry cuts, .....steel determines the level and the duration"
--Roman Landes

"But in general, I'm all about high performance, Ergos, safety. That's why I've been accused of 'designing in the dark' "
--Sal Glesser
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