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Svord Drop point

Posted by stefan_wolf 
Svord Drop point
August 05, 2018 05:58AM

Part of Svord's "Economy" line of knives - 15n20 steel with rough finish and basic mahogany wood handle + brass rivets

Comes with factory convex edge wich with couple of "licks" on the sharpening steel became reasonably sharp.

The blades are dipped in varnish to be protected during storage and shipping from rust.

Easy to clean with lacquer thinner.

Good fitment between the tang and the wooden handle.

Well pressed brass rivets.

Big enough lanyard hole.

Mine came with PVC sheath - nothing fancy but sturdy as hell on first examination.

Specs from the manufacturer:

Length of Blade (inches) 4 3/8
Over All Length (inches) 9 1/2
Blade Shape Drop Point
Handle Material Mahogany
Steel Specifications 15N20 - [www.zknives.com]
Blade Thickness (mm) 2.2mm
Sheath 3mm triple layer PVC with brass rivets and sharpener holder

Handle comfort even with the factory far from rounded edges - good. After some shaping, sanding and oiling - very good.

Best thing for me - thin blade stock of easy to maintain steel + reasonable price.

I sold my Swamp rat's and Scrap yard after using this knife.

I even bought a piece of Becut [zknives.com] steel to commission a faithful copy in a stainless steel flavor.


The well used one I have shown on my channel sever times.

It belong to a friend of mine and have seen rough use in the hands of the Kiwi Bushman (youtube guy from NZ) before gifting it to my friend while shooting "survival" type of show here in Bulgaria.


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Re: Svord Drop point
May 19, 2020 08:04PM
is the knife made of a old band saw stock ?
Re: Svord Drop point
May 24, 2020 03:56PM
is the knife made of a old band saw stock ?

I do not think it is. Same/similar blade steel - 15n20 / l6 if I am not mistaken...


Life is GOOD!

Re: Svord Drop point
May 24, 2020 11:18PM
A lot of the steel is sourced from recycled band saw, or whereever. steel is steel.. once annealed and normalized and re heattreated its all good steel.

I would say on any given batch of knives it would be hard to say if it came from recycled stock, or straight from the mill.. but its not going to make any difference to the knife.

also.. it will depend on what model, and what thickness it is as to where the steel is sourced from.

I'm basing this comment just from what i observe many years ago. no idea on how it is today.

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Re: Svord Drop point
June 22, 2020 02:11PM
These look very nice, definitely on my list to purchase at some point... can't believe I don't have one yet!
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