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MTech Xtreme MX-8038 3" 440 Stainless Steel G-10 Tanto Kydex Sheath

Posted by jasonstone20 
MTech Xtreme MX-8038 3" 440 Stainless Steel G-10 Tanto Kydex Sheath
December 03, 2018 07:57PM
I have had this blade for some time:


I first saw Chris Tanner talk about how it was a good knife for the money, around $10-15 USD.

Not a bad knife and sheath, although the sheath will dull the whole small tip grind of the American Tanto, so I put a piece of phone book paper around the front of the knife and inserted it in the sheath and that fixed the issue. The steel is listed 440 Stainless, design in the USA and made in China. It has a drop-point, hollow ground 3" (OAL 6.5"winking smiley American Tanto blade. If I remember correctly, the blade was shaving sharp with the factory edge. It sharpened easily to passing a HHT 3-4 on simple abrasive stones, and the blade is coated except for the edge bevel, and there has been no corrosion with daily wear. The G-10 is nice, and the sheath is light and locks positively as it should. The holes at the very top were off center, with one close to the end of the material. It came with a decent (not awesome like a Cold Steel ball chain!) ball chain, which I added hollowed out paracord to the outside of the ball chain for noise and tangle prevention. Unfortunately I don't think this knife is being sold anymore, I can't find it with a web search for sale.

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