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McCullen santoku

Posted by dragonetti 
McCullen santoku
July 09, 2020 12:24AM
Well y'all. It's been a while.

It's been a while since I've visited this forum, and even longer since I've made a post or comment

For a bit of reference, I fell into the culinary field on a whim. Needed a job, turns out kitchens are always hiring. 5 years later I'm a fully fledged chef, life works in funny ways like that.

About 3 years ago I bought a knife from Jeremy McCullen, off of recommendations from this forum. Pretty much just because I wanted a cool knife to show off to people at the faux Mexican restaurant I worked at. And it worked great for that, and I was also cutting 30 gallons of onions at 8am every day, might as well do that in style.

6.5 inch santoku style knife, AEB-L in at a hardness I couldn't care less about, stabilized wood handle made out of a wood I couldn't care less about. That stuff isn't important, it just has to cut well and have a handle that doesn't absorb various meat and vegetable juices.

It delivered. It cut like a dream, took an edge easy off of whatever I could find at work to sharpen it with, and my head chef and the dishwasher who taught me clawhammer banjo offered to buy it from me for way more than I bought it for. A manager I worked with made me a fantastic leather sheath in exchange for a beat up guitar and a lesson to on how to play "hurt"
(Sheath is definitely worth more than that, the man is a fantastic cook but he's left handed and I sold him a right handed guitar, I'm sure he'll figure it out eventually.)

Things fall apart, and sometimes get rebuilt into something better. I found myself a Chef de Partie in arguably the best restaurant in a couple hundred miles.
Suddenly I had a burning need for a nice knife. And I'm all too lucky I had this McCullen santoku. (At my old job I found a dishwasher slicing strips off a sheet tray, with it, and took it home)

My first day at the new job? Yeah turns out you need a good knife. I tried to use a house knife that's probably older than me on my first day, didn't do that well.

Brought that damn santoku in. By the third day my head chef was stealing it from me to filet fish and chop shallots.

There's a saying among chefs "if you wouldn't touch my **** you wouldn't touch my knife" I've been a chef for almost 3 years and almost everybody steals my damn McCullen knife off me, with or without permission. Damn annoying cause if I can manage it I use it 6 hours a day at the least.

Anyways, long story short, I skyrocketed my way through the culinary field, with a McCullen knife at my side through it. Geometry is absolutely perfect, it's easy to sharpen, professional chefs use it behind my back. Found a dude shaving pieces off an untempered pan (much to my chagrin) with no damage.

Pictures are coming soon and I've bought a nakiri off of Mr. McCullen. I don't give a hot shit how he makes, how he tempers his steel, how he forms his handles. I've used thousands of knives through my career and the knives he's sold me draw the respect of people who cook and cut food for a living. I cannot recommend him more.
Re: McCullen santoku
July 09, 2020 04:52PM
Great story, thanks for sharing. I do a lot of veggie prep in the kitchen, I really love my Nakiri. It's made by Masakage, from the Yuki line... nakiris are great. I have not used santoku much, can't wait to see pics of it!
Re: McCullen santoku
July 10, 2020 06:10PM
Jeremy puts a lot into his blades, and it definitely shows in the results.


Always in search of a good choppa'
Re: McCullen santoku
July 12, 2020 06:41AM
A glowing endorsement if there ever was one.

He's a great talent and always has been a good guy to deal with.


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