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Survival Sword From Nepal?

Posted by jasonstone20 
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Survival Sword From Nepal?
March 27, 2015 07:08PM
This just came across my Facebook feed, and it looked interesting:
Nepal Survival Sword

"I am still discussing issues of steels and performance at this stage." -- Cliff Stamp, May his memory be a blessing
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Re: Survival Sword From Nepal?
March 30, 2015 12:38AM
Would have been nice to see him use the sword instead of just saying how "badass" it is..... Pretty cool looking, but I'd bet it requires some serious wrist and arm strength to use well for prolonged work.
Re: Survival Sword From Nepal?
March 30, 2015 02:22AM
I'm curious as to what sort of "combat" it's designed for. Seems a bit heavy and slow for that given it's around 4.4lb and only has a 21" long blade. You could have two much longer historical swords for that weight.
Re: Survival Sword From Nepal?
April 03, 2015 12:26PM
Is the grind on that really as shallow as it seems?