Victorinox Swiss Army Knife VS Multi-Tool?
September 14, 2020 02:54AM
I carry both a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and a Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool. Does anyone favor one over the other? I was thinking of trying to use the Leatherman Wave as a primary EDC and only carry that and nothing else, since I have the pocket clip attachment. Does anyone only carry a MUT?

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Re: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife VS Multi-Tool?
September 19, 2020 06:26PM
I like a multitool. The SAK just doesn't seem versatile enough. The knife blade is better though.
Re: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife VS Multi-Tool?
October 06, 2020 04:02PM
I've been carrying a trekker as my secondary for a couple of months now. Sits in my left front pocket . Heavier than I like but I've used the screwdrivers and bottle opener quite a bit. I've only used the saw once but will probably use it more as I carry the knife more. Like all multi-tools - not what I would choose to work with but perfect for when the job is quicker than getting a "real" tool.

Leatherman type multi-tools haven't historically worked for me. Something to sit in a bag or under my motorcycle seat. Probably the weight that keeps me from them as well as a redundant knife. I'm the weirdo who wants Leatherman type multi-tools without a knife blade. Then again I haven't handled one of the newer onehanders yet....