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revisiting the bamboo skewer test

Posted by wnease 
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revisiting the bamboo skewer test
February 01, 2021 07:55PM

So I was making a model tent frame this morning and remembered the ckc bamboo skewer test. The first two cuts went fine. The third cut caused the damage in the photo.

I had to push very hard to make the third 90 degree push cut, over 40 lbs on a bathroom scale. The handle was starting to flex. It's enough force that I was tempted to use my other hand to push on the spine.

It's a light duty knife (AlMar Eagle saber ground) that I reground to 0.010" thick at .029" high. It's basically zero with about as much convex as comes from hand sharpening.

I wouldn't normally put so much force on a light duty folder but I was curious (curiosity killed another edge). Normally I would push with less than half that force and start rolling the skewer.

So I did it again on the same skewer with similar results.

I'm not sure if it's simply a case of an extra difficult-to-cut skewer, poor technique, damaged steel (aus8), or something else. I'll regrind it today but not sure I want to try this test again. I understand that steel is stronger than bamboo, but aluminum is stronger than my skin and I rip aluminum foil all the time bare handed.
Re: revisiting the bamboo skewer test
February 03, 2021 11:14PM
Welp, it didn't go well. Reground the main bevels wet with a Trizact A65. Finished on a Fallkniven 800 grit diamond, added a couple degrees for micro. The other side of the diamond hone is a fine ceramic, final finished on that, Catches and cuts hairs above skin.

Today I cut two zip ties, crumpled the edge. I wasn't even being rough... well not rough for me anyway.

Will try again tomorrow.
Re: revisiting the bamboo skewer test
February 04, 2021 11:34PM

Today we managed to cut zip ties at 15C but bamboo skewer was a no-go! Meanwhile, a Victorinox paring knife and my kitchen knife passed this test. The Eagle might be pretty small by the time I get to good metal.

It's kind of a downer... this was my EDC because of how light and slim it is.
Re: revisiting the bamboo skewer test
February 05, 2021 07:12AM
That’s some interesting results. I’ve got an Eagle Ultralight (the FFG version) that I’ve had for several years now and I’ve not had any issues with it. But I’ve not cut stuff like that, either, nothing that would concentrate forces on such a small area.

Mine has thickened up quite a bit at this point, it’s now at 0.020” to 0.025” at the edge and ground at about 10 to 12 DPS:

Re: revisiting the bamboo skewer test
February 06, 2021 03:17PM
I have an old Boye 440c dendritic re-ground to zero that passes the test. Even my wifes Ti neck knife can do it with minimal damage.

It feels a bit scary, so much force, knife starts to wiggle around...
Re: revisiting the bamboo skewer test
February 23, 2021 08:41PM
It's a nice looking knife though.

90degree push on skewers can vary. Some much harder than others. And it does take a lot of force. I normally hold a skewer and go for an angled cut between 10and 45 degrees. If it's too thick the skewer snaps. Too thin and the bending skewer will twist the edge during the cut

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