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Spyderco Forum -- SAL

Posted by jasonstone20 
Spyderco Forum -- SAL
June 13, 2020 11:09PM

Hello Sal, I just want to say Spyderco is my favorite knife right now. I have 20 at this time, and more on my wish list.

I admire your time traveling in the bread truck to fairs etc., selling the portable hand and sharpeners and becoming one of the major knife brands.

I dont want to get to personal in your life, but I wonder how your day is at home. Big breakfast, lunch, grill a steak for dinner? How do you test a prototype knife around the house?

Do you have any other hobbies?

Thanks for all the great knives and keep up the good work!


Thanx Mike.

Hi SpyderGrill,

Thanx much for the kind words. Gail and I have always worked hard for the company. As you know, "the harder you work, the luckier you get".

We live on the high country in Colorado, about 10,000'. We have a few acres so getting out is not a problem. I can test indoors, opening mail and packages, breaking down boxes (we burn wood for heat) food prep, etc. Outdoors cutting branches, daily maintenance.

A lot of testing is carrying the model for convenience. Cutting easy and hard materials gives me insight into grip and control. Constant cutting gives me a close look at edges; geometry, edge retention, chipping, dulling, etc.

I try not to have big meals. Always working on the weight. Only eat fish and vegetables, no meat or chicken. Stopped eating meat in '68, added fish in '79.

As mentioned, I'm pretty busy even though we're semi-retired. Hobbies: knives and edges, Time with family, I'm a shooter, sailing, Geo-politics, designing, inventing, sports cars and driving. Gave up the "Crotch Rockets" when I turned 65. Now I'm almost 78.



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