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Metal Complex -- The Folding Knives I Actually Use And What I Use Them For

Posted by jasonstone20 
Metal Complex -- The Folding Knives I Actually Use And What I Use Them For
June 21, 2020 01:43PM

Ok, so we have a dozen different knives. Only one had some pocket clip wear, one is a dedicated tape cutter, and none of them look like they have been sharpened or used. With that many knives, and light work, you most likely are not going to see any wear, but it makes me question what the definition of using a knife is. What is sharp or dull for this users knives? How long is one knife used in rotation before another knife replaces it?

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Re: Metal Complex -- The Folding Knives I Actually Use And What I Use Them For
June 21, 2020 02:20PM
Question is: What does he consider for a "use" ?

Re: Metal Complex -- The Folding Knives I Actually Use And What I Use Them For
June 21, 2020 03:18PM
That made my head hurt.

It's funny, you learn an awful lot about how a knife performs when you do work with it. I've cut sod, dirty materials, and hit metal with S30V, D2, etc. Do the work and do the maintenance, and you will wind up learning what you actually need in a knife you are going to use.

I've never understood what people see in a lot of the tactical folders. Emerson at least has some genuine cred. The vast majority of Spyderco and ZT folders that people like to talk about buying and carrying look like they are designed for 35 year olds that wear flat brim hats in public. It's a weird, sterile, hipstery design type.

That's not to say there is anything wrong with a knife as pocket jewelry. I'd much rather have something aesthetically pleasing like a nice traditional knife or something in Damascus steel.

By golly that will probably cut better, too.


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Re: Metal Complex -- The Folding Knives I Actually Use And What I Use Them For
June 25, 2020 12:03PM
Heh, I didn't watch the whole video but sounds not entirely unlike my knife experience spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

I like knives as both tools and art (pocket jewelry if you like) and I carry one every day. I even build custom swiss army knives so there's plenty of those around on top of the other folding and fixed blade knives. But I also work behind a computer screen. Realistically my daily uses are cutting tape, boxes, plastic packaging, zip ties, clothing tags... you know, dad and office stuff. Between the light duty use and the number of knives I've accumulated over the years, I could probably go months or years without "needing" to sharpen any given knife.

But then that's also why I offer no one any opinions on edge retention of different steels, designs, etc. I don't see how I could possibly notice unless it's an extreme difference from the norm. When I used to spend a significant amount of time on the weekends camping & practicing bushcraft skills, that was as close as I came to regularly noticing edge retention on wood cutting while doing camp tasks and carving (which was almost always done with my fixed blades anyway).

I've often pondered the obsession with super steels for EDC given that I'd wager most people these are marketed at are similar to my usage patterns. Partly I suspect that it's directly related to the fact that most people don't do their own sharpening. If you use your knives lightly & find a "super" steel w/great edge retention, perhaps the theory is you'll never have to sharpen it during your ownership and have to deal with sending it out for service. And of course there's just the bragging rights aspect, same as owning a sports car you can't drive to its limits on the street, or whatever else floats your boat (and I say that without judgement, just acknowledging it has less to do with logic than emotional response).



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