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Spyderco PM2

Posted by stefan_wolf 
Spyderco PM2
February 21, 2019 10:28PM
I was going to post this on the Spyderco forum but for unknown reason to me my browser do not want to connect to it.

Recently I bought second, third God know which hand PM2 because I have never had one and wanted to see is choil + shorter blade is as good as longer blade without the choil (Endura 4).

I was very good deal in terms of money so I jumped.

My question is.

Are you familiar with production run of PM2 - non coated non serrated blade with camo G10 scales and black hardware

You can see - all the screws are black, the clip is black, the lanyard tube is black (with marks and scuffs from pliers from attempt to be removed I presume), but the stop pin and the middle standoff are not black. There is very strange oxidation on the stop pin diagonally on the circumference of it - I checked - It is not dirt or grime - leftover from coating or corrosion are my two guesses...

Scenario 1 - I bought a fake.
Scenario 2 - I bought some mismatched sample.
Scenario 3 - I bought "donor" knife for somebody's previous parts swap.

Which do you think is more reasonable.

By the way I like the ergonomics. I thought that the thicker blade stock will make it insufficient slicer but I was wrong - it cust good enough for me.


Life is GOOD!


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Re: Spyderco PM2
February 22, 2019 11:14AM
Stefan _Wolf,
I posted this thread on the Spyderco Forum for you ib the counterfeit section to see if they could find out if it was a real. Spyderco [forum.spyderco.com]

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Re: Spyderco PM2
February 22, 2019 04:05PM
Hey Jason,

Glad to hear the Spyderco forum is up for you. The forum is still not 100% right. I also get an error and this text:

"This site can’t provide a secure connection forum.spyderco.com sent an invalid response.

This is on my phone's Chrome browser, haven't tried on a PC or other browsers yet.


I could be wrong, but my gut from those pics is real with a hardware swap. I have the same knife factory with regular hardware.

One thing to look for is that the recessed liners should have little indents on them, tooling marks where the machine starts and stops the cut when they're manufactured.

***eta, the Spydie forum started working for me again already.***


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Re: Spyderco PM2
February 23, 2019 01:45AM
Its legit smiling smiley
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