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Insane sharpening video

Posted by bricklayer 
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Insane sharpening video
December 29, 2017 11:56PM
You guys need to check out this video! I thought i would share.
Re: Insane sharpening video
December 30, 2017 12:33AM
The insane part is the 5 to 8 hours of labor he put into that.
Re: Insane sharpening video
December 30, 2017 01:16AM
Correct me if im wrong, but doesn't it look like he's using a coarse SIC stone for a slurry stone on a 1k shapton water stone?
Re: Insane sharpening video
December 30, 2017 09:58AM
He is using the SIC stone to flatten the surface of his stones. He is not using that a slurry stone.
thumbs up Re: Insane sharpening video ( daiso japan deba fish knife)
January 02, 2018 03:51AM
Now thats entertainment! thumbs up Thanks!
Very nice thumbs up
Useful too thumbs up
much more than the maybe inspiration: junskitchen http://youtu.be/7dFFEBnY0Bo
The lil dog saucer/jug is actually a cow (see second video)
The guy is an office worker and hes awesome grinning smiley

Sharpening a $ 1 knife with $ 300 Whetstone - kiwami japan

Daiso New Galaxy Kitchen Knife for Dressing Fish Stainless Steel Blade (~6in blade/4.5in handle chisel grind)
        regrind begins of single sided multibevel knife (single beveling)
        shapton #120 ceramic whetstone $29 yen3200 
        2 passes per second
        includes flattening stones 
    3 hours 25 min later (?~20k passes later? )
        the blade grind is now single bevel (a chisel scandi),
        ?almost all the way to the shoulder, 
        some coarse scratches on the shoulder
        brown #220 yen3110 $28.5
    5 hour 55 min ( ?~2:30 hour  or ~15k passes later?)
        finished thinning blade grind,
        ?almost completely flattened 
        polishing begins
        orange #1000 yen2875 $25.9
        green #2000  yen3685  $33.8 
    6 hours 40 minutes  (? ~45 min or ~5k passes later ?)
        very shiny 
        orange #6000 yen 3171 $29
    7 hour11min  ( ? ~31min or ~3k passes later ?)
        yellow #8000 yen4800 $44
    7 hour 20 min  ( ? ~9min or ~1k passes later ?)
        beige shapton ceramic  #12000 yen5321 $48.8
        ~15min or ~1.5k later
        shapton #30000 yen31000 $284.4
        ~20min or ~2k
        denim-ish apron stropping
        ~10min or ~1k later
    8 hour 15 minutes ( ? 45 min or ~4.5k passes later )
    total 8 hour 15 minutes or ~44k passes total

Last few times I visited daiso japan they only had the speed hole knives in stock
and I've been on the lookout for these flat square bottom porcelain dishes
Sharpening the kitchen knife with a dish - kiwami japan

2 knives, hollow chisel grind, about ~1.5mm stock (i judge), ~6inch blade, ~4.5inch handle, $1.50 each over here
he laps the "stone" more than once smiling smiley(black versus white dish)
one dish #600 - #800 grit?
another #1000k?
used 1k dish is #3000-#5000?
mirror polishes with shapton 30k for comparison
maybe 10 hour grind time or ~60k passes

Now I've done long grinding sessions,
but almost never more than an hour at a time,
and its more like grind for a minute, break for a minute 2-4 pps
so the pass estimates above are like 1.8 pass per second ballpark instead of half

I've got about 18 hours grinding time in an 8inch knife (???60k - 260k passes???)
but spread out over a few months
and its thinner stock at ~1mm,
but it used to have ultimate serrations like steak knife, lots of damaged tips,
and I used fine side of dollar tree stone ...
and green400diamond from harborfreight
but still very much convex / thick / uneven
maybe something like
2-5 one side, up to 6-10
6-7 other side, up to 10-11
jigs and extra extra extra coarse stones speed things up smiling smiley

I don't mow smiling smiley
Re: thumbs up Re: Insane sharpening video ( daiso japan deba fish knife)
February 12, 2018 11:55PM
This is great, thanks.

I love unusual sharpening.

Re: Insane sharpening video
February 13, 2018 01:50AM
You know what, guys. I actually went to the same shop and bought a Santoku of the same brand as well. Can't find this Nakiri(?). The mysterious steel on mine is actually holding the edge okay in my office pantry, better than my Victorinox Fibrox!
Re: Insane sharpening video
February 13, 2018 05:00PM
When I finished 3 or 4 knives, I understood I need flat lapping machine
to be used for thinning geometries/adjusting thickness behind the edge
and sharpening so I dont have to spend hours hand grinding..

Re: Insane sharpening video
February 19, 2018 01:34PM
Nice illustration on geometry vs steel.
Re: thumbs up Re: Insane sharpening video ( daiso japan deba fish knife)
September 17, 2018 08:20AM
Since watching the first Kiwami video I’ve been hooked.

video: [www.youtube.com]


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