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Stropping Vs. Steeling For Burr Removal

Posted by jasonstone20 
Stropping Vs. Steeling For Burr Removal
December 05, 2018 09:59AM
This poll on the Spyderco Forum got me thinking about ways to remove the burr. The obvious answer is to use either Cliff or Sal's style of sharpening, where a burr isn't purposely formed. So other than that, has anyone found steeling to be anymore effective or give better edges than stropping? I also was thinking about it because of the no steeling policy by Victorinox that we were discussing: [www.cliffstamp.com] and this comment:

SAKWIKI doesn't list the sources,
but it appears genuine

But victorinox still says things like

To finish resharpening, it is necessary to remove
the wire edge/burr on a clothwheel or with a sharpening steel. If the wire edge/burr is not removed
carefully the sharpness and durability of the cutting edge can be greatly impaired.


If sharpening on a grinding wheel, always cool with plenty of water to avoid excessive temperatures.

When resharpening with a grinding wheel,
plenty of water must be used to prevent over-
heating or even burning of the blade. Even us-
ing a soft polishing wheel without water, over-
hearing must be avoided, because the structure
is changed and the resistance to corrosion,
hardness and edge retention is reduces.
If the blade locally overheats, the steel will only
expand at these points, which regresses again
on cooling. As a result, stress cracks occur on
parts of the blade that were not overheated.
When in use, the stress cracks on the blade can
subsequently lead to breakage.


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