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Sharpening carbides

Posted by sal 
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Sharpening carbides
January 16, 2021 02:30AM
One of our regulars on the Spyderco forum posted s question about whether or not we are sharpening the larger carbides or breaking them out. I though it was an interesting question that I too have thought about and I would guess many of you "Edge Junky"s" have thought of as well.

I would like to hear opinions on this, and I would especially respect to hear Cliff's thoughts on this?

Re: Sharpening carbides
January 16, 2021 05:35PM
I guess it depends on the abrasives used and they type of carbide. Diamond and CBN should be able to cut any carbide, same with SiC.

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Re: Sharpening carbides
January 19, 2021 09:01AM
This link illustrates it quite wehll I think: [scienceofsharp.com]

So as Jason said it depends.