The mission statement of this page is to provide a central web hub to integrate the work of dedicated individuals using knives and reporting on their findings with the existing and continuing journal published work in the respected engineering fields.

The main branches:
  • Articles : Origional research is published and existing published work is reviewed, evaluating the arguements and methods used and noting the relevant applications to cutlery performance.
  • Reviews : Comparative reviews by individuals of specific knives. The goal is not to promote or condemn the knife, but simply to provide a comprehensive report on its ability as experienced by the user as well as general knowledge gained about performance.
  • Forum : Discussion Forum ( Recent Messages)
  • Evaluations : Combines a series of reports on a set of knives by a group of dedicated individuals into a comprehensive overview article.

There is also a small adjunct project which collect some statistics on knife performance for fun and education. The Worlds Greatest Sharpener is an open invitation for any individual to have a quantitative measurement of their sharpening skills. They will be provided two standard Olfa heavy duty blades which they can sharpen and upon their return they will be tested for initial sharpness and edge retention on 3/8" manilla rope.

There is also a webpage on the edge retention of kitchen knives which is an ongoing project which compares knives under both rough and very careful use and another one on cardboard, and hemp, angle experiments in edge retention, and a reference page on CATRA results, and some stropping experiments, a series of knife challenges and a wiki.

Recently completed :
  • Bush knife : Takach Forge
  • Uddo : Enzo/O1
  • Nilakka : Spyderco
  • Miyabi Chutoh : kitchen
  • lite machete : ESEE
  • Delta : Surefire
  • AK-47 : Cold Steel
  • Temperance 2 : Spyderco
  • Ai De Chef : Roast
  • Piranta Edge : Havalon
  • 0561 : ZT
  • Carving : Endura
  • Cleaver : Galaxy
  • Chef : Everyday Basics
  • Santoku : Everyday Basics
  • Carving : Wiltshire
  • Douk Douk : Tiki
  • Santoku : Japan
  • Santoku : Spyderco
  • Santoku : Mainstays

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