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Alligator's hobby Knives

Alligator's hobby Knives contains a diverse range of information on knives including a review section, articles and very impressive pictures including macro shots of edges freshly sharpened and used.

Dark Matter : Knives

Dark Matter : Knives contains commentary on knives used as well as general articles by the author on issues of knife performance.

OUTDOOR'N KNIVES Skills and Tools

OUTDOOR'N KNIVES Skills and Tools was developed and is maintained by Carmine De Domenico. Carmine is an electronic engineer with a lifetime interest in knives. This curiosity and passion extends to steels (composition, treatment, etc.) as well as general outdoor activities. The site has a duality of focus on both these outdoor subjects (skill, travel, woodcraft etc.) as well as content specific to knives; reviews, pictures and information about steels and sharpening. Carmine's goal is to provide a point of reference for all italian collectors of knife and outdoormen.


Simply titled Reviews, this webpage was created by Nemo hosting reviews by custom knifemaker Fred Perrin. Known for a tactical perspective and humor, the pages are entertaining and informative. Unfortunately the last review was in 2000.


We love knives, just like you, and our mission is to provide you with the best resources on knives. Weíll update the site regularly, featuring:

Complete guides written by experts. Hassle-free, complete free guides that you can read online, written by our experts.

Exclusive insights and researches. Articles you canít find anywhere else, like our research on 47 iconic european knives.

Honest reviews and buying guides. We use, test and review knives, so that you donít have to waste money on bad products.

Interviews to knife manufacturers.

Useful videos. You can find them on our youtube channel.

Free ebooks and resources only for our email subscribers.

Sharpening Made Easy

Sharpening Made Easy was developed and maintained by Steve Bottorff who is the author of the book by the same name. The website description according to Steve "How to sharpen knives, scissors and other cutlery. All about knife sharpening technique and equipment - how to select a knife sharpening system and sharpen a knife to a razor sharp shaving edge."

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