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These reviews are not intended to simply judge or grade knives. The work performed is often just to explore aspects of performance which may not be relevant to the specific knife but is just done to examine the steel or some aspect of geometry or design, see the FAQ, for more details. For information on a particular steel then check the blade blade materials webpage compiles all the comparative work with various materials statistics to reach general conclusions.

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Axes, tomahawks, etc.

Gransfors Bruks :

Other :



Gurkha House : Himalayan Imports :
Khukuri House :

Very large fixed blades, machetes, parangs, etc. .

Chris Caine : Condor :
Cold Steel :
Martindale : Newt Livesay :
  • RTAK : long knife/short machete
  • RCM : Recon Combat Machete
Tramontina :
Other customs : Other production :

Large fixed blades, 10" and under

Customs : Small shop semi-custom :

Busse Combat :

Chris Reeve Knives: ESEE : Mission Knives:
  • MPK : A2 multi-Purpose Knife
  • MPK : another sample
  • MPK-Ti : Beta-ti multi-Purpose Knife
Strider : ATS-34 :
  • PAB : a 10" bolo
  • WB : amercian tanto
Swamp Rat Knifeworks : SR101 :

Becker Knife and Tool collection from Camillus :

  • BK7 : combat utility knife
  • BK9 : combat bowie
  • Machax : machete/khukuri hybrid
Cold Steel : SOG: Ontario:
Other production blades :

Small fixed blades

Allen Blade :

  • MEUK : Multi-Enviroment Utility Knife in 52100 with Ed Caffrey heat treat
  • MEUK : in Talonite
Bob Dozier :
K2 : general purpose
Agent : small tactical
Lynn Griffith :
S.U.B. Sniper : a neck knife
MNK-1 : a mini neck knife
Uddo :
Enzo O1 blade
Phil Wilson
Utility Hunter : CPM-10V
South Fork : S30V
Personal prototypes:
Tension bar : a lower bound for performance
Second tension bar : a few geometry changes
Other custom makers:
Hawkbill : Neil Blackwood
Drop point hunters : David Boye
Boye, Carson, Gerber, Schwarzer : various Cobalt blades
Model 10 : R.W. Clark (LM1)
Traditional Tanto : Running Dog Knives
Pronghorn : Ed Fowler
four test blades : Ray Kirk
Mirage-X Operator : Kevin McClung
4" Drop Point Hunter : Mel Sorg
Busse Combat :
Badger Attack 3 : a small fixed blade
Fällkniven :
S1, F1, WM : VG-10 stainless
H1 : hunting knife
Spyderco :
Featherweight : Bill Moran design
Temperance 2
Vagabond : with integral sheath
Swamp Rat knifeworks :
Other production blades :
Blackjack Small : 52100, convex
M60 : CRKT
Deerhunters : from A.G. Russell, several steels used
Solution : from Buck

Scandinavian grinds

Frost's and Kellam : a couple of inexpensive blades

Mora :

Roselli :

Folding knives

Byrd :
Cara Cara : partially serrated
Meadowlark : small utility blade
Pelican : wharncliff

Sanrenmu :

Spyderco :

Benchmade :

Columbia River Knife and Tool

Cold Steel :

Other production :
Surefire Delta
Piranta Edge : Havalon
ZT 0561
Boat knives plain/serrated : from David Boye
Buck/Strider folder : liner lock
Cuda Maxx : from Camillus
Fulcrum IID : from Extrema Ratio
U2 : from Fallkniven
Vapor : integral lock from Kershaw
large Opinel : traditional ring lock
Small Sebenza : Chris Reeve Knives
Al Mar Sere 2000 : designed for the US Army SERE school
Rucksack : a swiss army knife
Vision : Arc-Lock folder from SOG
Douk Douk : classic french slipjoint

Kitchen knives

Chef's knife :


Utility knife :
Carving : Endura Premium
Chuto : Henckels medium utility
Utility : Wiltshire
OK-45 : Kyocera ceramic
KX06 : plain edge / Spyderco
KX06 : SpyderEdge
laminated high carbon
custom O1 : Alvin Johnstson
Roast : Ai-De-Chef
Carving :
Endura Professional Series
Other :
cleaver : Galaxy
paring : IVO
paring : Alvin Johnston

Miscellaneous cutting tools

Cold Steel Shovel : not just for digging holes


SwissCard : a credit card multi-tool from the makers of the SAK

SpydeRench : a multi-tool from Spyderco


Tashio Hardware:

#60 : folding saw from Felco, 7.5 tpi

Gerber : the "Sport" saw

Lee Valley:

Sharpening equipment

Everday Sharpener : two stage carbide/ceramic sharpener

Edge Pro Apex : high end clamp and guide sharpener, 125$

Razor's Edge :

Pro Sharp 22 : a very cheap v-rod system


Captains of Crush hand gripper : a device to train your grip strength from IronMind

Ivanko Super Gripper : a variable setting hand grip trainer

Photon II : micro flashlight

Skylite Pak-hat : The classic Swiss Army knife of hats.

Sportsmans Dream Knife Collection : it is a stretch to call these knives

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