Day Designer Review

Finding the best daily planner page format and design for your needs is a must. It will keep you on track with the schedule and feel more planned. You can create your own planner or grab a printable planner from Day Designer

Day Designer Review
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Founded in 2010 by Whitney English, Day Designer planner is an online store that provides a wide range of wonderful printable planner collections to help people create a plan for setting goals. 

Over 64.2k people use the tagline #daydesigner, with 39.9k followers on Facebook with a verified badge and 151k followers on Instagram. It shows that the brand draws much user interest, inspiring them to stay focused on day-to-day activities.

Indeed, some popular magazines or publishers suggest this brand on their list. You can see it on Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, CountryLiving, Self, Good Housekeeping, etc.

Are you interested in this planner so far? Keep on reading this Day Designer review to discover more beautiful design planners. Then, let’s say goodbye to stress and overwhelming tasks!

Why Day Designer?

What makes Day Designer different from others? It is specially designed with beautiful layouts on every page, helpful quotes, and an overall look. It will be your favorite planner you’ll love and find a balance in life.

In addition to that, there are other reasons to consider the brand for your satisfying purchase experience. As we mentioned below in the highlight: 


  • Free shipping on US orders 
  • 5-star testimonials 
  • Offers wholesale orders
  • Provides the biggest sale and promotions
  • Available in many retailers 
  • Excellent customer service 

What's On Day Designer

Whether you’re a student, businessman, freelancer, or even full-time mom, you’ll be thrilled with all the functional planners, calendars, and accessories collections at Day Designer. It contains a to-do list, notes, and schedule in a perfect sketch. 

Here are the available collections:

Most interestingly, the brand partners with Blue Sky, a brand of printable planners. It combines aesthetic design patterns and interior layouts more fashionable. Check for blue sky collections on the website. 

Day Designer Daily Planner Review

Use Daily Planner when you like to plan your day in detail. It is also a great choice if you are running a tight schedule with many changing tasks of appointments and meetings. 

Day Designer Daily Planner Review
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Day Designer 2023 Daily Planner comes in a variety of eye-catching designs. The blissful pattern is the best-selling one, combining abstract art in vibrant colors to encourage you to achieve your goals.

Once you open the planner, you will realize how beautiful the cover is. On the first page, you have a simple and extremely functional layout. Plus, the goal-setting worksheets are well organized as well as the notes. 

Additionally, it features hourly scheduling, daily inspirational quotes, combined weekend pages, a two-page monthly overview, an important days checklist, bookmark rulers, to-do list pages, gratitude, and many more. 

If you prefer other patterns, we suggest you choose a black stripe, flower field, poppy garden, Mallorca, or wildflower. Each planner costs $68.00.


  • Size: 9″ x 9.75″ x 1.5″ (including the binding)
  • Page dimensions: 7.3″ wide x 9.5″ tall
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs

Design layout
9.0 9/10
Ease of use
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10

Day Designer Weekly Planner Review

If you have a regular daily routine and would instead not flip between pages throughout the week, this 2023 Weekly Planner might be right for you. 

Day Designer Weekly Planner Review
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Just like daily planners, weekly planners also come with various aesthetic designs. The graceful branch pattern looks calm in a soft sage background with cream leaves. It brings a calm and peaceful vibe to every plan you make. 

On each page, the weekly planner features monthly calendars, weekly inspirational quotes, monthly tabs, weekly layouts, an overview page, an additional tab with 19 notes pages, 12 expense tracker pages, etc.

The other patterns you may like: Enchanted, romance, black stripe, flower field, roses, and blissful. Add to your cart now and get the best price at $68.00.


  • Size: 9″ x 9.75″ x 1.25″ (including the binding)
  • Page dimensions: 7.3″ x 9.5″
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs

Design layout
9.0 9/10
Ease of use
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10

Day Designer Refillable Planner Review

Next up, we’re moving on A5 Planners & Insert Collection to customize the refillable planner for use over the years. It’s suitable for faux leather and genuine leather covers. 

Day Designer Refillable Planner Review
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This refill planner page has a more stylized format. It enables you to continue using the daily or weekly planner without compromise.

Moreover, it is printed double-sided with 120 GSM white text pages. It has goal-setting pages, a 2023-2024 reference calendar, US holidays, 8 undated today & to-do lists, 8 two-column list pages, and 8 grid dot notes pages.

For sure, the insert page is more affordable than the two above. It costs $12.00 with the standard A5 page size (5.8″ x 8.3″). Grab yours before it runs out!

Design Layout
9.0 9/10
Easy of use
8.0 8/10
8.0 8/10

Day Designer Price

We would like happy to inform you of free printables and 10% off on your orders when you subscribe to the newsletter. You’ll also receive the latest news, promotion, and coupon code in your inbox. 

Well, both daily and weekly planners in the original size costs $68.00. While the mini size comes at a lower price of $58.00. And for other accessories, the price starts from $12.00

Day Designer Pros & Cons

It’s good to understand the advantages and drawbacks of each product. Thus, we’ve compiled a list for you in this section as follows:

Day Designer Pros 

  • It has a durable gloss hardcover
  • The layout is wonderful as well as the design
  • Available in two sizes: original and mini size
  • It’s so easy to use 
  • It has nice unexpected features

Day Designer Cons 

  • The products are in limited edition 
  • No return or refund 
  • Some people are bothered by back-to-back printing

Is Day Designer Worth It?

This beautiful planner is exclusively made for you if you love to stay organized and put everything in one place. It’s great buying and makes your daily life more interesting. 

Is Day Designer Worth It?
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Each planner is handcrafted with the utmost joy to bring out exceptional quality for most people. Not to mention the reasonable price and excellent customer service you’ll get. 

Day Designer Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Testimonials are the most significant point for customers to determine the quality of one product. For this reason, we would like to show the following reviews from the brand’s website to build your trust in each product. 

For the first product, one buyer found organizing the schedule and tasks helpful. She mentioned:

I never really kept to a planner in the past, but this planner is easy to fill out and is made great. I have been using this planner strictly for my job tasks, so the dinner and dollars aren’t necessary for me …

Another customer really loves when using the weekly planner as it is always simple and easy to manage her activities. As she said:

The 2023 Weekly Planner is Well Made – I was not expected such a classy planner. This planner has helped me to stay on track and to focus on what I need to do for each week and each day

A5 Planner Insert is perfect for those who want to create a well-planned life. One happy buyer left the comment:

This is the best calendar that I have ever had. I bought the vinyl floral Victorian with yearly replaceable calendars/inserts. Thank you so much, and look forward to another year of using my 2023 calendar … 

Well, almost 100% of customers recommend Day Designer planner as it has a nice design and helps to organize the whole schedule. If you need more, other testimonials can also be found on Amazon and other official retailers. 

How To Contact Day Designer

Is there anything you would like to ask about the product? Feel free to contact customer service by filling out the contact form or visiting the office store during business hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 
    8 am – 5 pm PT
  • Friday 
    8 am – 3 pm PT 

Where To Buy Day Designer

Alright, Day Designer is available in online stores. For US customers, you can purchase directly from the official website to explore all the design selections and claim free shipping on orders over $100

Meanwhile, customers outside the US can find the nearest retailer or marketplace store. It includes Amazon, Amazon Canada, Target, Staples, Office Depot, and other flagship retail locations


When looking for Day Designer review, some users commonly ask the following questions to add further information about the brand. 

Who Founded Day Designer?

Whitney English is the owner of Day Designer. 

How Do You Use A Day Designer?

Open up your planner, and write down your hectic schedule, hobby, and other regular routines. Choose the perfect word to boost your excitement and motivation to stay productive. 


That’s the planner selection to choose from. It has an outstanding quality design and is comfortable enough to accomplish your progress in no time. 

Surely, Day Designer is the ultimate solution to help you handle daily tasks and stick to your goals. It also provides you with a checklist of how much progress you’re making from one day to the next. 

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