Why HelloThematic?

With the exclusive platform HelloThematic, independent artists and musicians can engage with creators. Creators can utilize the platform’s enormous catalog of copyright-free music without worrying about breaking any copyright regulations.

Why HelloThematic?
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Additionally, the platform supports a community-driven strategy where musicians can market their music by granting licenses to creators. In exchange, creators can tell their audience about the artist’s music, giving them the exposure they sorely need.

Without further ado. Read this HelloThematic review just below if you want to get more information about the brand.

What is HelloThematic Playing?

Access a vast collection of free music

Add standout music tracks that go with your video’s subject matter to your YouTube or Instagram videos to make them stand out.

On this platform, you can browse a sizable collection of music available for use without worrying about copyright violations or licensing costs.

Find suggested song choices based on your content type and theme

Are you looking for the ideal music to compliment your video content? We have your back. You can easily find music that matches your style and mood.

Thanks to the team of experts that curate a large variety of music based on various types and themes.

Increase your income with claim-free service

You put a lot of effort into creating videos that are of a high caliber and appeal to your audience as a content creator.

To help you keep all of your ad revenue from YouTube, they provide a claim-free experience. Without worrying about complaints and conflicts over music usage, you only concentrate on producing excellent content.

Use our music for sponsored content and branded integrations

They help if you’re a marketer or business looking for the ideal music to incorporate into branded content. You are allowed to use songs in sponsored content and branded campaigns.

Receive assistance from the support team

Thematic respects its creators and is dedicated to your success. Because of this, the devoted creator support team is constantly on hand to respond to any inquiries, offer technical support, and provide guidance to use the entire platform. They are here to support you every step along the way, whether you’re a novice or an expert content creator.

HelloThematic App Review

Both the iOS and Android operating systems support the HelloThematic app. Creators may use the app to browse the song collection and purchase tunes from their smartphones.

The app is a practical choice for creators who wish to acquire music on the road because of its user-friendly and simple-to-use layout.

HelloThematic Music Review

HelloThematic offers high-caliber music created by independent musicians and artists. The platform’s digital library has vocal and instrumental tracks, making it appropriate for various content producers.

The portal also provides curated playlists to assist creators in finding music that complements their artistic vision.

How Does HelloThematic Work?

To obtain free, royalty-free music for any YouTube videos using their service, follow these steps:

Sign up without cost

Create a free account on Thematic creator. It only requires that you sign in using your Google account.

Attach Your YouTube Channel

Provide the YouTube channels where your videos are posted so they will learn more about your material and choose the ideal tunes to use. Don’t choose your email address; rather, choose a brand account.

Explore Music

Find tracks that are copyright-free and matched to the themes of your YouTube videos, favorite performers, and the channels you follow.

Then, make playlists, share them, and be influenced by the community. On the Explore page, you can find top songs and performers—sort and filter tracks using several preferences.

Download and Edit

To import the track further into the video editing program of your choice, click the download button.

Are You Ready to Share Your Video?

It is simple to avoid copyright claims thanks to thematic. After downloading the songs, go to the Licenses section in your Thematic account to find your license links.

To enable audio licenses and safeguard your recordings from copyright claims, include links to the channel’s license information in the description of any videos that have songs.

HelloThematic Pros and Cons

HelloThematic Pros

  • A vast collection of music without copyrights
  • Independent musicians and artists creating top-notch music
  • An intuitive app interface
  • A grassroots strategy that is advantageous to artists and creators
  • Designed playlists to aid producers in discovering music that complements their artistic vision

HelloThematic Cons

  • Regardless of the artist’s availability, the licensing procedure may require some time
  • Restricted choice of popular songs because of copyright regulations

Is HelloThematic Legit?

As of writing this review, we found that the brand is truly legit because they have so much music free from copyright and royalty. In addition, people can try the app for the first use.

The brand is well-managed by professionals who know the legality of using music that’s not against the law.

Additionally, their customers are happy and satisfied with the app, so they can use the music for their Youtube content, leading them to an uprising in clients, viewers, and others.

Is HelloThematic Worth To Buy?

HelloThematic is unquestionably worth considering if you’re a content creator seeking top-notch, copyright-free music.

Is HelloThematic Worth To Buy?
Image credit: facebook.com/hellothematic
facebook.com/hellothematic https://facebook.com/hellothematic

The platform is a practical and simple choice for creators due to its sizable music catalog, community-driven philosophy, and user-friendly layout.

Also, the platform is a socially conscious decision because of its focus on supporting independent artists.

In addition, HelloThematic provides several advantages, such as curated playlists that assist creators in finding music that complements their artistic vision.

The site promotes community building and collaboration, creating a welcoming environment for producers and artists.

HelloThematic Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Knowing what customers think about the brand is important before using this app. Hence, in this section, we’ll provide information about what their customer says based on SiteJabber. Let’s see just below.

HelloThematic Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/hellothematic
facebook.com/hellothematic https://facebook.com/hellothematic

It appears one customer gives his experience with using the app from the brand. He says:

I create YouTube videos to not get copyrighted for the music I use, I have to get copyright and royalty free songs. If you already have google account that has a YouTube channel linked, it means that you’re good to go! You can also use these songs on your instagram, you’d have to link it to your account too. They have a FREE option as well as a premium membership which includes benefits such as being able to access only download songs on mobile, premium music, and more like getting priority creator support.

Another happy customer that’s from TrustPilot shares his statement:

I’ve been using the app from a so long time and I have to admit it and say it is extremely awesome. You get what you want at ease. Thank you!

There are not many customer reviews from outside of the website. But one thing is for sure, mostly, they’re satisfied with the app from the brand and use it for their Youtube content easily.

Is HelloThematic Free?

Sure, using HelloThematic is totally free. As long as they give the artist credit and publicize their songs on their channels, creators may license music for free from the site.

HelloThematic Customer Service

Any questions? If you want to get in touch with the brand’s customer service team, there are many ways for you.

They’d love to hear from you. So don’t hesitate to reach them out.

Where To Buy HelloThematic

As this is an app, you can only get it directly from the official website. You can browse for music and find an aesthetic matching your video content.


A distinctive platform called HelloThematic links independent artists with content producers. The platform is a practical and handy choice for composers due to its enormous catalog of copyright-free music, community-driven philosophy, and user-friendly layout.

HelloThematic is definitely worth checking out if you’re a content creator trying to improve your videos with top-notch music while supporting independent musicians. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using its free license choices.

A great platform for content producers who wish to add high-caliber, copyright-free music to their videos, all things considered.

It’s a fantastic option for creators wishing to assist independent artists while receiving attention for their own channels because of its community-driven approach and user-friendly design. So why not give HelloThematic a shot and elevate your content?

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