Subscription Addiction Review

When you are wondering where is the best place to get a magazine subscription, the most reliable answer is Subscription Addiction

Subscription Addiction Review
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Well, Subscription Addiction is an online website that provides a great selection of 2000+ magazine titles at the lowest prices with great. This website is very accessible, making it convenient for customers to search for the topic of the magazine they want.

As seen on social media, they have 2k followers on Facebook. When visiting its account, you will be amazed by the exciting tips and some interesting offers. 

If you’re a magazine addict and curious about this website, we will take a closer look at the best-selling magazines’ prices, pros & cons, and everything in between. So stay with us in our Subscription Addiction Review

Why Subscription Addiction?

Before you came across this review, you might have found various websites selling magazine subscriptions at different prices. 

With Subscription Addiction, you’ll experience the most enjoyable shopping you can’t get with other subscriptions as we mentioned in the highlights.

Subscription Addiction Highlights

  • Free E-card delivery & fast delivery 
  • No hidden fees for each item 
  • Offers promo code for more savings 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 Helpful customer support

What's On Subscription Addiction

Ready to go with your favorite magazines? A large variety of choices is available for you to explore through this site.

What's On Subscription Addiction
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Subscription Addiction Categories

The other categories include outdoor & recreation, home & garden, business & finance, collectibles, gaming, gay & lesbian, men’s interest, sports, and many more. 

Interestingly, they also have office magazine packages at discount prices. It’s good to be placed in the waiting room or reception area to entertain clients or patients. 

Subscription Addiction Magazines Review

Alright, we have a good recommendation magazine for you titled Reader’s Digest with bonus fiction by Mitch Albom. 

Subscription Addiction Magazines Review
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In short, this general-interest family magazine covers a number of interesting topics such as government, sports, health, education, business, international relations, and many more. It was published by Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. 

To be honest, this is one of our favourite magazines to read. It has well-organized writing, entertaining stories, and amazing designs & layout. Hence, it feels comfortable to continue to the next page for a long time.

The large print makes it easy to read over and over again without getting bored or lightheaded. And the magazine is available in issues 9, 18, 27, and 36 at the best price. You’ll save up to 60% off

So, what are you waiting for? Buy it now before the sale expires. 

Subscription Addiction Price

There’s nothing that sweetens a deal like a coupon. Yup, Subscription Addiction has a deep discount of up to 90% off on all items. It’s a great opportunity to get a copy of a magazine that can inspire you or keep it as a collection at home or in the office.

To simplify your search, shop by price: under $10, $10 – $20, $20 – $30, $30 – $40, and above $40.Or choose the package deals that are displayed on the home page.

Oh! If you need more, join the subscription to receive a coupon code and the latest information about the site sent to your inbox. 

Subscription Addiction Pros & Cons

A brand or website without downsides is impossible. It’s very natural and makes customers weigh the positive and negative aspects. Thus, we’ve listed the pros and cons below:

Subscription Addiction Pros 

  • There are no auto-renewals 
  • Available in hundreds of selections
  • It has a readable font type and size
  • Best cheap price magazine 
  • The layout is amazing with the right combination of colors

Subscription Addiction Cons 

  • It ships only within the United States

Is Subscription Addiction Legit?

Definitely yes! Subscription Addiction is one of the best websites to purchase magazines. You can even order in bulk with super ease.

The website is easy to navigate. Also, the website guarantees the quality of each delivery item. You don’t need to worry anymore with this website, everything will come according to the order.

Is Subscription Addiction Worth To Buy?

You might still have a big question after reading this review: Is this website really worth it? Of course, all magazines come at a good price that matches the guaranteed quality.

The excellent customer service also makes it convenient to decide what magazine catches your eye. Another plus is that you can request a refund if the item delivered is defective or damaged.

Subscription Addiction Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

This section will show you testimonials from real customers who have purchased this magazine. Yup, it’s important to determine the entire quality of the site. 

Starting from the first happy buyer review. She was so excited about how the magazine suited her with its easy-to-understand writing style. As she stated: 

This makes it easier for me to read, as I have vision problems. The articles are always interesting.

Next, another buyer expressed satisfaction with the good quality yet pocket-friendly price. He said:

My husband loves this magazine but with vision problems we switched to the large print and now he has no problem reading. It is a great magazine and very informative

This magazine is enjoyable for everyone with awesome designs. Each font is customized to save you from dizziness. Just like one buyer said below:

I’m legally blind in one eye, so I really enjoy the ease of reading the articles without eye strain. Stories are enjoyable

From the statement above, most customers have rated the overall quality. Take a closer look at each magazine page if you need more testimonials. There you can find several reviews to consider your decision.

How To Contact Subscription Addiction

Ask anything to customer service team if you have general inquiries, bulk orders, change of address, or other. Send them an email, or feel free to call during working hours. 

Another option is to visit the contact page and fill out the form by entering your email address, subject inquiries, and order number. 

Subscription Addiction Shipping Policy

Congrats! You can enjoy free shipping on every purchase you’ve made under the term and conditions.

Once you start the subscription, your first magazine will arrive within 4 – 8 weeks. Of course, the delivery time will vary depending on the location and frequency of the magazine you choose. The frequency of each magazine means:

  • Magazines will arrive in approximately 4-5 weeks if the publication is weekly
  • It takes 6 – 10 weeks when the magazine is published every two weeks
  • If it comes out every two or 3 months, customers will receive the first issue within 10-12 weeks.

In terms of payment, they accept MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Visa, and Discover. Orders are only accepted via the website. 

Subscription Addiction Return Policy

At Subscription Addiction, every customer is guaranteed the quality of everything delivered. But, in case unexpected things happen, you can request a refund. 

The refund policy is valid within 90 days after you receive the magazine. This policy applies if the product is defective or not exactly as you ordered.

To get started, please get in touch with customer service for confirmation and a return address. The next step will be instructed by the team.


Where To Order Subscription Addiction

To enjoy a happy shopping experience with coupons and other discounts, always buy your magazines only at Subscription Addiction’s official store


When searching for Subscription Addiction reviews, some customers might ask the following FAQs for a satisfying shopping experience. 

Who Started Subscription Addiction?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any history of Subscription Addiction. But one thing should be noted this website is safe to use and has secure payment.

How To Track My Order?

To keep updated on your delivery, please visit the order status page. Enter your order ID and email address there and look up your current order status. You can also change the information on your mailing label by clicking the change address button. 

Where Does Subscription Addiction Ship?

Currently, only USA customers are eligible to order this magazine as it doesn’t offer to ship outside the United States. 


What do you think so far? Well, Subscription Addiction gives you plenty of titles to choose from. It will be convenient for you to have access to magazines on every topic you want the most. 

The best part? You can get the lowest price that you can’t find anywhere else. Even better, there are huge discounts in each category that will certainly save your budget even more. 

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