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What is IndieReader, anyway? IndieReader (IR) is a trusted website that offers book reviews service for hybrid, independent, and self-published books to get honest reader reviews. 

IndieReader Review
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Starting in 2009, this review service is found by Amy Edelman. She has published both traditional and self-publishing books. 

At that time, Amy discovered how hard it was to find review services, marketing, and even distribution options for indie authors. Not to mention the high competition between authors and publishers. 

With a team of editors, working journalists, librarians, and published writers, IR aims to be a platform for indie authors to achieve the best-seller list. 

The site already has a good reputation, as seen on social media, with 10k+ followers on Facebook, 1.2k+ followers on Instagram, and 7.3k+ followers on Twitter. 

If you’d like to find out more about it, read on IndieReader Review. In this post, we’ll explain how it works, pricing, and everything to look for before getting your book reviewed. Keep on scrolling!

Why IndieReader Review?

At IndieReader reviews, you are guaranteed professional book review services from experts in the field. This IR Pro will raise your book’s chances of being discovered and set your title stand out. 

In addition, all titles with 4+ stars from IR will be posted on the “Best Reviewed Books of the Month” website. The books will be sent to 10,000+ subscribers to boost engagement with readers. 

Other advantages of IR include ease of access and exceptional service you won’t find on other sites. Plus, the authors will be invited to participate in IR’s “All About the Book” interview.

What's On IndieReader

IndieReader reviews from a wide range of genres, from fiction (graphic novel, literary, inspirational, science, fantasy, erotica, etc.) and non-fiction (biography, pop culture, parenting, health, finance, travel, writing/publishing, etc.)

Besides book reviews, IR also offers audiobook reviews that you can easily order. No matter your book, whether it’s in written form or audiobook, IR is always ready to fulfill your request. 

IndieReader Pro Review

Ready to sell more copies? Interestingly, IR review now provides book review services for authors still working on their books. It allows them to pre-purchase a review and save $50 while finishing the book.

All you need is to select the “Purchasing in Advance” option when signing up for the review. This service is valid for at least five weeks before the publication date and a fully complete book. 

Click “submit later” for unfinished books and “book ready to submit” for finished books. 

All books will be available for distribution on several marketplaces, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram, and posted on the IndieReader and GoodReads pages. 

How Does IndieReader Works

Here’s the way IR works as you need to understand it:

  • Make payments on IR to connect with unbiased readers 
  • Readers will buy your book through Amazon and make it an Amazon Verified Purchase.
  • It takes around 6-8 weeks for readers to post trusted testimonials on Amazon and GoodReads pages. 
  • IR will send you links to your GoodReads and Amazon reviews

Please note that your book must be available on Amazon US in Kindle format and for sale. If you need more information, visit this page.

IndieReader Discovery Awards

Is IndieReader Discovery Awards Worth It?

This site has an annual event called The Discovery Awards. It is a writing contest sponsored by reedsy, Smith Publicity, feather light, and Dystel Goderich & Bourret LLC. Recommended by reedsy as the Best Writing Contest in 2022

IndieReader Discovery Awards
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It has a team of expert judges consisting of President/smith PR, head of community (reedsy discover), author (2021 IRDA Winner), author (owner of BadRedhead Media), 2022 IRDA Winner, director (Mindbuck Media Book Publicity), and so on. 

The participants are all authors under small press published books. The book must have ASIN number or valid ISBN in eBooks (PDF, epub, or mobi files) or paper books. 

There will be 3 prize winners, Best First Book, and Best Cover Design, for both fiction and non-fiction categories.

The grand winner will be sent to Goderich, Bourret Literary, and Dystel management to be selected for representation. Plus, the winners definitely get more exposure in major media. It’s such a big deal, right? 

So, what are you waiting for? The due date is from March 1, 2022, through February 15th, 2023. The winner will be announced on May 31st, 2023. Visit Discovery Awards and be the winner!

IndieReader Price

IR Pro book review provides two selections with different prices, as follows:

  • Standard Review
    • It costs $275 for 7-9 weeks of work 
  • Rush Review 
    • It costs $50 for 4-6 weeks of work 

Alternatively, you can find a coupon code on the website to unlock great savings. Or join the newsletter by entering your email. 

IndieReader Pros & Cons

This section will show you both the positive and negative sides to make it easier to understand. Check out the list below!

IndieReader Pros 

  • Easy to access 
  • All genres are welcome 
  • It can improve your writing better
  • Your book will get discovered by readers
  • It offers the best value for the money 
  • It has excellent customer support for anything you ask for 

IndieReader Cons 

  • We couldn’t find any complaints from clients as we searched the website

Is IndieReader Legit?

Absolutely, IndieReader is a legit platform for indie authors to reach into the market. It has been more than 13 years established with thousands of clients who have successfully entered the bestseller list.

The quality of the performance is beyond doubt as its reviewers consist of reliable experts. The website is not restricted, allowing all users to access it freely. 

Is IndieReader Reviews Worth To Buy?

After reading our review above, you might ask: Is this really worth purchasing? For sure, we can confidently say that IR is definitely well worth it to boost your book’s rating and increase sales.

Is IndieReader Reviews Worth To Buy?
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Your book will be posted on the best IR bestseller page if it gets IR’s review with a rate of 4 to 5 stars. The price is also quite affordable when compared to other sites. So, what more could you ask for? 

IndieReader Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

We think you must also read the authors’ reviews of IndieReader. These testimonials allow you to decide its quality and services. 

Start with the first review from the bestselling author of The Mill River Recluse. She said how this book review site really helped her book get more exposure, as mentioned below:

The review bring my book visibility in a crowded marketplace and served as an important introduction to readers, both of which helped my book become a bestseller.

Another testimonial comes from the author of The Warrensberg Trilogy, who couldn’t be happier with the excellent service. As said below:

I just wanna tell you how great this service is. Overall, the reviews are honest and balanced…it means some like the book, while others don’t. Thanks!

Next, the author of Golden Keys To Open Doors also wrote a comment about the easy-to-use of this site. He said:

Thanks so very much for your impressive support! Incredibly easy to use and wonderful, detailed reviews, most readers would not take the time to do them like that!

More testimonials are available to read on Most of them find it super valuable and realize what they need to improve the quality of their books. 

How To Contact IndieReader

Still feeling a little confused? Ask anything to customer support if you have any questions related to the service or something else. Drop your email to or fill out the contact form

You can also surf through their social media accounts:

  • Facebook: @IndieReader
  • Twitter: @IndieReader
  • Instagram: @indie_reader

Or, send them Mail through the following address:


PO Box 43121
Montclair, NJ

IndieReader Return and Refund Policy

Unfortunately, IR does not accept refunds. It means once you make an order, the payment is non-refundable unless you have not received a review within 15 days. Or your review contains two factual errors that affect the integrity of the review. 

It also applies to IR Discovery Award, which is not eligible for a refund. Check the Frequently Asked Questions Page for additional information. 

Where To Visit IndieReader

Visit the official online site to start your purchase. The website is very accessible and simplifies your search. 


As an indie author, you can control your writing and royalty profit no matter what your quality as a writer is. The challenge lies in getting more readers’ exposure to build up your sales. 

The ultimate solution is to use Pro book reviews from IndieReader. This site offers a great opportunity to connect with book-loving consumers who will read your book on Amazon. 

Choose your package, then submit your book, and the team will evaluate it thoroughly. 

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